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We come into contact with bacteria and viruses through surfaces.

SWISS HYGTEC COATING PRO® provides a long-term preventive cover that deactivates the germs. The physical protection seals and closes surfaces pores without affecting the properties of the materials. When germs come into contact with the protected surface they are deactivated by a released biocide. The biocidal active ingredient does not leach or evaporate and only acts on germs.

After application, the surface is protected for 6 months. This reduces the effort required to keep surfaces in a sanitary condition


Viruses spread through aerosols in the air infecting surfaces and closed off rooms.

SWISS HYGTEC DISINFECT ® inactivates germs fast and efficiently and prevents transmission.

The product can be integrated into the existing cleaning processes eliminating germ residues on surfaces by wiping, spraying or immersion disinfection.​


While using SWISS HYGTEC AIRBASE® as an application equipment while it increases air humidity reduces the active amount of viral particles in the air offering maximum active protection for indoor spaces.

We distribute SWISS HYGIENE TECHNOLOGIES products in Portugal, Spain and Andorra, all other CPLC and Western India.


Check more information in the brand webpage.

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