About Us

About BMH-Solutions

Headquartered in the prestigious city of London, BMHS was founded with the mission of becoming a provider of excellent solutions in the areas of hygiene and disinfection, and of medical and protective equipment, with a focus on product safety, quality and service.

With customers of varied nature, such as: Governments and Public Sector, Private Sector and Mass Consumer, we are focused on quality control and guarantee, we deliver the products and services that our customers need.

Our partners are recognized and references in their sectors!
BMHS combines quality and dynamism with the speed and efficiency of the response, our structure is flexible, to adapt to all types of requests.

The BMHS team will always find the best solutions to meet all the requirements of its customers and partners.

We are here because of you and for you!



Providing you with the best team

Our team have many years combined experience throughout the Medical and Hygiene sectors and will provide you with structured advice to help you make the right choice when deciding on the equipment, products and services required for your premises.

Rui Oliveira, MBA


Dr. Liene Strode


Franz Schnabel ,MBA